This game is about loneliness, isolation, determination, failure, adversity, patience, regret, motivation, incompetence, and giving up.

This game will take you around 10 minutes to get through and 30-40 to see all content. So far this is the greatest thing I have ever made and believe it is possible this is the greatest thing I will ever make. I don't expect anyone to understand but If you enjoyed something about this or hated it, I would very much like to hear.

WARNING: sound is required and headphones are recommended

Made by: Jacob Mesa

Music by: ZETI

it is pretty much finished however there is things I would still like to add and improve upon. Namely a web player version, which I will do as soon as possible.

Install instructions

For Mac users:

You will have to unlock permissions for the CatchTheWind file. You can do that using these instructions Here

You may also have to un-block this .app from opening by going to System Preferences, then Security & Privacy, then click on Open Anyway.


PC_64.rar (94 MB)
Download (101 MB)
CTW_linux.rar (75 MB)


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Just a few fixes, slight improvements, and wind chimes! This is the final build. Thanks to the people who gave me feedback so I could work out the little kinks. And please let me know if there is any issues.

Thank you and enjoy.

Quite beautiful!

I'd have preferred the sound of a wind chime rather than a singing bowl. :)


thanks and you are quite right. I explored that at one point but it wasn't working the way I wanted it to. I may go back and try it again.